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General Information

School terms

We follow Government school terms, but a fun and stimulating holiday care program is provided at NO extra charge.

School is closed on public holidays and “school holidays” i.e if a public holiday falls on a Tuesday or a Thursday the school is closed on the Monday and/or Friday.

Your child will receive a detailed report at the end of each term, as well as their workbook and art folder for you to see what they have achieved within that term.

School Holidays

We do not close for school holidays, excepting in December when school will be closed, normally around the 10th of December to the 12th of January.

When school holidays do occur, we take a break from our daily routine of teaching and doing a theme, and we do fun activities, some of these activities include the following and parents may be required to pay for their children to participate;

~The travelling zoo

~ Pony rides

~Jumping castle

~Slip and slide fun

~ Puppet shows

~Face painting

~ Picnics

~Pyjama day

Nutritional Meals

Health is viewed as a top priority so we offer 2 healthy cooked meals a day, are provided (breakfast and lunch) and 2 nutritious snacks.

The meals are always well presented and wholesome.

Menu (varied throughout the term)


Jungle oats/ Creamy meal/Maltabella


Chicken-a-la King and rice;

Mince and veg Spaghetti bolognaise;

Fish fingers, backed beans, peas, rice, with tomato and onion gravy,

Cottage pie and sweet corn

Chicken stew, mixed veggies and rice

Scrambled eggs, & ham served with a fresh bread roll.

Hot dogs and cucumber slices

Home made Butternut/ Chicken soup with toast

Make your own Pizza


Juice, water, rooibos tea

(Seasonal fruit) Apples, bananas, watermelon, pears, sandwiches, biscuits


Newsletters will be e-mailed regularly as a method of on-going communication with parents.

Each child is provided with a message book, parents can look forward to daily communication from the teachers informing you of your child’s specific progress, as well as what the theme will be for the week and if there are any areas to concentrate on, or what areas your child is excelling in.

This is a wonderful way to communicate with you. This “talk book” helps to facilitate open communication between teachers and families. We encourage families to be active in their child’s education.